9/19 Too Perfect

by sedona maniak

Miles hiked: 16.37 (2313 to 2329.37)
Elevation : +3127/-2933
Tiny frogs hopping in the trail: 12

Got up late after listening to the light drizzle fade. Little gusts of wind would shake brief rainstorms onto my tent from the fir needles above me; the tent seemed like a reasonable place to stay for an extra hour. There was sun poking through the clouds when I finally left the hunter camp, and I could finally take a look at Snow Lake. Beautiful with clear, still water.

Leaving late led to multiple long breaks in the sunshine. Every view was crisp and rain-washed, the rocks and plants all in their real, bright colors. I stopped often, taking a few pictures, but mostly just enjoying Washington, finally. So I ended up walking fewer miles than I could've. Ah well.