9/18 Washington Weather

by sedona maniak

Miles hiked: 10 (2303.00 to 2313.00)
Elevation: +1356/-808
Number of clothing items soaked in rain: 11

This morning, I looked out the window and saw a thick fog hanging just a few hundred feet up. Getting motivated to leave the dry ski lodge room was difficult. From there, I had to overcome the inertia of other hikers who were drinking coffee at the store and making no moves to set out into certain discomfort and dampness. Any Minute grumbled, smiling, at the slackpackers and late risers as we left them in the parking lot at around 11am.

Mist engulfed us immediately in the woods. Low visibility caused objects to appear without warning, including entire lakes. Since we'd had no delusions regarding high mileage today, we stopped at what looks, in this soup, to be a pretty large lake just 10 miles in. When the real rain had begun to supplement the mist, we both were quite happy to quit early and hope the weather report of no rain tomorrow was accurate.