10/5 to 10/10 Another Interlude: Nearos and Zeros in Flagstaff

by sedona maniak

Much fun was had by all.  Many thanks are deserving!  Deb was amazing and brought me into a group of supportive and engaging women who are all about hiking.  The presentation was given by a woman named Anne.  I presume that she is the same woman who scratched her name off the lovely bottle of water that I guzzled a few days ago.  Much of what she said rang true, made me laugh, and showed great insight into thru-hiking in general.  Also, she talked about those DAMNED GATES!  Deb gave me a shower and dinner and rides around, she also simply accepted and trusted me, which is the true hallmark of a trail angel.  March Forth, Deb!

Kyle and Sasha put me up the second day/night, and we bonded over food and drink and the outdoors as well.  Not only is Kyle and excellent cook and barista, he can be pretty damned funny.  I thank Sasha for staying up with a couple of tipsy old work colleagues...we must have been a little annoying.  Really many thanks to you guys!

When T made it to Flagstaff on Friday, I was installed in a hotel room and slightly more mobile.  We made a couple of walks around town, but I really just needed the time to heal and chill with her.  We took Monday as an extra vacation day, and I didn't head back to the trail until that afternoon.   Honestly, I couldn't have planned it better, minus the bum leg and infected feet...