7/14 - 7/15 Sonora Pass, N Kennedy Meadows

by sedona maniak

Last day with Shazaam and the boys.  I walked behind Shazaam, Any Minute walked in front, and we slowly conquered the switchbacks up Sonora's ancient malachite and quartz depositions.  We stopped frequently, ogling the mediocre views again and again to give the injured woman a break.  Finally near the top, the late-rising Church Lady and Dr Fierce joined us and offered to do some stretching exercises for Shazaam before the descent.  With only 4 miles to the road, Any Minute and I decided that it was safe to go ahead to the road and hitch in to get her resupply box.  We would meet back up with that little family in N Kennedy.

We got a ride quickly, and soon were eating vast quantities of town food.  N Kennedy supplied us with a cabin with a shower, a prime rib dinner with Shazaam and Co., and a nice hiker box for my slacker resupply.  We hitched out and waved goodbye to the boys the next morning.  When the rain started.