6/23 Kearsarge Redux

by sedona maniak

Up early, Far Out and I waited through the coolest, best part of the morning for Jim, Bristlecone and Uberbitch's neighbor, to get his shit together.  He had wanted hiking companions up Kearsarge; in my sleepy haze the night before,  I'd agreed to hike up with him.  Civilians have a different idea of early than PCT hikers.  Though the ascent was hot and greuling due to my long town stay at low elevation, I enjoyed Jim's company greatly.  Smart and witty, a great storyteller, I quickly forgave him for the late start.  Even trail named the former journalist and adventurer: Gonzo.  He loved it.

It seemed crazy to me to try to get over both Kearsarge and Glen Passes in the same day, so I walked a short way past the Onion Valley Trail on the PCT and crashed.