6-4 Cutting It Short

by sedona maniak

Too much elevation lost and gained.  I crashed after 11 miles today, giving up and camping near Chimney Creek.  Sometimes, you need a short day.  Up a few thousand, down a few thousand, rocks in my cut-open shoes.  I borrowed a needle and dental floss and sewed an athletic tape patch over the cut in my left shoe to stop the gravel coming in.  I filtered several liters of water, vowing to drown-hydrate myself if necessary.  I heard the temperatures down in Mojave, not far, but a few thousand feet down, had finally cracked 105 degrees.  Up here, with just enough clouds to create humidity, the temperature must have been at least 85, maybe 90.  Killya hot when you're climbing.  

Cool breeze off the little creek, though, and cicadas in the willows.  Not a bad place to be at all.