6-2 Jim

by sedona maniak

Yogi, Okie Girl, Jackalope, and her young son, Bearbait put together a pancake breakfast with endless coffee.  Sometime around 10, Jim, a 73 year old volunteer, appeared in a Toyota T100 to drive us to town with the recycling.  I sat in the cab with Pinecone, since we were most prone to motion sickness.  From this trip, I learned all about alpaca and rabbit ranching, the values of certain old, rare beer cans, and heard a tear-jerking story about the necklace hanging on his rear view mirror.  He gave us a few hours to hit the stores and walk to the post office, if necessary.

I resupplied, mailed some things to Kennedy Meadows and ordered a shipment of socks, a ground cloth and a damned NeoAir mattress so I could sleep.  There was fast food and an amazing ham and cheese pastry.  I wished for more time to think things through,  but was fairly satisfied with my resupply decisions.  I'd planned to reevaluate in Kennedy Meadows and bounce half of the stuff on to Independence,  which has limited resupply options.

Jim picked us all up and brought us back to Walker Pass, this time sharing his experiences as a hiker and observer.  Like me, he does not understand the constant competitive rush to Canada.  He said that he knows I'll make it because I take my time.  Of my friends,  he was most worried for "the tall one" (Pinecone), whom he felt would have a hard trip if she made it.  He didn't elaborate except to say that she was very serious.  We then lapsed into levity and anecdotes. He offered to value any rare old steel beer cans I might come across, then promised to pop back in the next morning.

We ate spaghetti again, told stories with Yogi and Dogger (a hilarious AT veteran with a bright pink patch in his white beard), and planned to leave sometime the next morning.