5-25 to 5-26 To Tehachapi

by sedona maniak

Today's 10 miles started with a mile of plant identification with Windsong and Pinecone. Then they grooved on ahead while I slowly plodded at 3mph downhill, carefully trying to keep my new gait consistent. Yesterday, fighting the damned wind, I'd slipped back into old ways of walking while trying to stay on the mountain. Pain had started to seep in, and I really wanted to avoid a deluge.
Wind turbines squeaked and growled above me for miles. I observed Tehachapi Willow Springs road for over an hour before I got there. So stinky and tired. Eight of us hitched into town at once, dancing on the road shoulder.
Two nights at the Marriott, with laundry and showers and time at the Doghouse will cure all ills.