4/18-19 Zero in Warner Springs

by sedona maniak

This is my first zero day.  I reached the Warner Springs community center around 10am yesterday, barely able to sustain a manageable gait.  Peroneal tendonitis.  Swelling between my achilles tendon and outside ankle bone.  Intense pain under my heel and on the outside of my foot.  So, I ate a huge breakfast and lunch, elevated my foot, and got to know First Class, Coach, Backup,  Horizon, Far Out and Elijah better.  The former pair are retired teachers, current adventurers, and kindly inquisitive companions on a day of slacking off.  Backup and Horizon are engaged, young, gentle and amusing; they tell stories with the back-and-forth of patience and shared experience.  Far Out is a young man in a homemade kilt with a sly wit and a ready laugh.  And Elijah is a former rattlesnake wrangler from Montana.  This group was a fine set of friends for a day and a half of healing.  Yesterday, a thunderstorm forced us indoors.  We moved our gear inside the community center and watched the clouds gather.  Not much came of the storm.  Nobody wanted to move all their crap back outside, though, so we had a sleepover on the tile floor.  A bottle of wine and packets of string cheese appeared.  Very classy and good fun.  First Class mentioned that my trail name had made her want to avoid me, so great was her fear of snakes.  I vowed to help her overcome her phobia.  Today, several folks worked together to get me an ankle brace from Temecula, 30 miles away.  After rounds of ice and being gently prodded to elevate my foot by First Class, Coach and Far Out, I believe that I am ready to try hiking out tomorrow.     I didn't expect to find so many great people so quickly here.  As much as I dislike groups, I'm grateful for this one.